Welcome to Simply Ag Solutions

Simply Ag is a non-profit that administers programs which provide education, agriculture awareness, and information to its clients in the Saskatchewan agriculture industry. Through partnerships with ag-interest groups, governments, and the private industry, Simply Ag works to promote and advance all sectors of Saskatchewan Agriculture.


SaskFoodFind.com is an online resource for connecting consumers and producers of Saskatchewan-made food products. Saskatchewan producers are given the opportunity to promote their operations and sell products directly to the consumer. This website allows province wide access to a consumer base looking for high quality, Saskatchewan grown products.

Agriculture Plastics Recycling

Plastic grain bags are becoming a common method of storing grain for producers across Saskatchewan. Simply Ag has several collection sites across the province where producers can responsibly dispose of their used grain bags and twine for recycling. Producers who are interested in recycling may contact the collection site closest to them and arrange for a time to use the grain bag roller (or in the case of recycling twine, pick up a bag used to store twine).

New Program

Simply Ag Solutions is excited to announce their latest program - Saskatchewan Species at Risk Farm Program. The main focus of this program is habitat protection and enhancement as well as increasing awareness for species at risk on farms in Saskatchewan.