Provincial Council of Agriculture, Development and Diversification Boards has entered a new era.

On October 2013, the PCAB Board of Directors passed a resolution to change its name and amend its bylaws to open up its membership beyond (still including) ADD Boards.

The organization is known as: Simply Agriculture Solutions Inc.

Advancing Agriculture through Development, Awareness and Renewal

Simply Ag will maintain its non-profit mandate to provide education, programming and information to the Saskatchewan agriculture industry. Through partnerships with ag -interest groups, governments and private industry, Simply Ag will continue to promote and advance all sectors of Saskatchewan agriculture with a new look and name.

Individuals, industry representatives and professionals will have an opportunity to become members of the organization and contribute directly to its mission, “To advance and promote the Saskatchewan Agriculture industry by providing education, beneficial programming and opportunities for producers via positive partnerships and collaborations”

Our Staff

Travis Quirk

Ag Plastic Recycling Coordinator
Executive Director

Travis Quirk completed a Bachelors of Science at the University of Saskatchewan in 2001 and spent several years as a research student working on several research projects involving several species of wildlife. Prior to joining PCAB in 2009 Travis was working with the Western Veterinary College of Medicine on a research project involving chronic wasting disease in wild deer in southern Saskatchewan. Travis has worked on several programs with PCAB (which as of April 1st 2014 has been renamed Simply Agriculture Solutions) including Provincial Pest Control coordinator and Farm Stewardship reviewer. In May of 2012 Travis took on the leading role of coordinating the Pilot Agricultural Plastic Recycling program. May 2015 Travis Quirk was named the Executive Director of Simply Agriculture Solutions Inc.

Phone: 1-866-298-7222 ext. 204
Email: travis@simplyag.ca

Heather Peat Hamm

Saskatchewan Species At Risk Farm Program Coordinator

Heather Peat Hamm grew up northwest of Kindersley, SK. She studied Plant Ecology and Land Use and Environmental Studies at the University of Saskatchewan, then worked in forage weed research for Agriculture Canada in Regina. She later completed her M.Sc at University of Toronto, investigating shifts in C3/C4 plants and climate change in Grasslands National Park. Academic research led her to Alaska and British Columbia, studying organic nitrogen cycling in forested ecosystems. In 2000, Heather started a consulting business centred on ecological research and science communications. Since 2006, much of Heather's work has focussed on species at risk on the prairies, including co-managing a pilot study to develop agricultural beneficial management practices for species at risk on the prairies. As Saskatchewan Species at Risk Farm Program Co-ordinator, Heather is keen to see this work come to fruition in the hands of people who have the greatest potential to conserve species at risk. All work aside, Heather is a published author and botanical illustrator. She lives in Forget, SK with her husband, who is a professional musician, and their two cool cats, Banjo and Whisky.

Phone: 1-866-298-7222, ext. 205
Email: heather@simplyag.ca

Lisa Long

Office Administrator/ Simply Ag Program Assistant Lisa Long graduated with an Administrative Assistant, Computer Applications Major (Honours Diploma) from Saskatoon Business College in 1998. Before joining the PCAB office in April 2009, Lisa was employed by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture with the Canadian Agricultural Skills Service (CASS) Program. As Program Assistant, Lisa helped deliver the Environmental Farm Plan and Farm Stewardship Programs for PCAB (which, as of April 1, 2014, has been renamed to Simply Agriculture Solutions). In March 2014, Lisa took on the role of Office Administrator. Phone: 1-866-298-7222, ext. 201 Email: lisa@simplyag.ca

Julie Burnay

Financial Administrator

Julie Burnay was born and raised in Ponteix, Saskatchewan in a farming community until she graduated from High School and then proceeded to attend Saskatoon Business College to attain a Diploma in “Accounting”. Before joining PCAB (which as of April 1, 2014 has been renamed Simply Agriculture Solutions) in November 2010, Julie was employed by the Saskatchewan Archives Board where she worked as Financial Officer for 27 years. Julie has a wealth of knowledge in various types of accounting programs as well as many years of experience working with Provincial Auditors.

Phone: 1-866-298-7222
Email: julie@simplyag.ca