Ag Plastics Recycling

We want to thank all Saskatchewan producers for participating in the Ag Plastic Recycling Pilot Program.

Since the beginning of the Ag Plastics Recycling Program back in 2011, Simply Agriculture Solutions has recycled over 9.3 million pounds of plastic.  This is largely in part because Saskatchewan producers continue to show they are environmentally conscious individuals who want to recycle agriculture plastic in the province.

Simply Ag held a “Grain Bag Collection Week”, November 27 to December 2nd, 2017 which resulted in over 850 rolled grain bags brought to the collection sites across the province!

Simply Ag’s successful pilot program for recycling grain bags has wrapped up as of December 31, 2017 and has now been replaced by The Agricultural Packaging Product Waste Stewardship Regulations and is now being administered by Clean Farms.  Please direct any inquires to Tammy Shields at 306-341-4460.

Please click here for Cleanfarms Grain Bag Recycling Program

Simply Ag Solutions is hoping to continue to handle the recycling of twine, net wrap and silage plastic in Saskatchewan.   Please check back for more details.