Ag Plastics Recycling

Thank you to producers for continuing to participate in recycling grain bags in Saskatchewan!!!

2016 Program Update

Agricultural Plastic (LDPE grain bags) recycled:

  • Start of pilot (2011) to 2013 – 249,529kg (550,117 lbs)
  • 2014 Program Year – 845,792kg (1,864,652 lbs)
  • 2015 Program Year – 738,883kg (1,628,958 lbs)

Resized_20160721_124626_unity july 21In 2016 the funding was again renewed for the Grain Bag Recycling Pilot Program.  The program continues to grow with additional private collection sites starting in Wawota, Raymore, Regina and Melfort.  These additional sites provide more options for agricultural producers to properly dispose of their used grain bags and twine.

In the summer of 2016 the Ministry of Environment also moved forward with regulations to start an extended producer responsibility stewardship program for grain bags. The introduction of these regulations (called “The Agricultural Packaging Product Waste Stewardship Regulations”) is the first step in moving to a province wide industry led recycling program that is envisioned to be similar to several other product recycling programs (scrap tires, waste electronics, etc) currently running within Saskatchewan. 


Picture2There is a BMP through the Farm Stewardship Program which will assist producers with the purchase of a grain bag roller, 50% of eligible costs to a maximum of $5,000.  Please click on the link below for more information or call Program Design and Delivery Branch at 1-877-874-5365.

Plastic Grain Bag Roller BMP

Continuation of Agricultural Plastics Recycling Pilot Program - 2012 to 2015


In 2015 the Ministry of Agriculture committed another $200,000 to the Grain Bag Recycling Pilot Program.  This was built on the success of the 2014 year when large volumes of plastic were successfully collected and sent to be recycled due to the bumper harvest of 2013.  In 2015 there were 3 new private sites to come on board – Garrick, Marshall and Eatonia.  The site in Prince Albert area was also restarted in St. Louis at the Conservation Learning Centre when Crown Shred & Recycling Inc. in Prince Albert decided to no longer participate in the program as a host site. 

On April 16th 2014 the federal and provincial governments announced another year of funding the pilot program.  This funding will be used to continue the current collection efforts and also add some additional plastics to the recycling effort.  Silage plastic and net wrap will now be collected for recycling.

Grain bags are still the majority of the plastic collected and with the above average harvest of 2013 there was large numbers of grain bags used.  As a result of that the Spring of 2014 has seen an increased demand for the use of the rollers and the number of grain bags being dropped off at our collection sites.  We anticipate that 2014-2015 will be an exceptionally busy and productive year in collecting and recycling agriculture plastics.

Province wide since the start of the recycling program there has been 325,800kgs (716,000lbs) of grain bags and 6,600kgs (14,500lbs) of twine recycled!  These numbers are increasing steadily as more producers are keen to participate.

On March 14th 2012 the federal and provincial governments announced a 2 year extension to the pilot program.  Producer participation had been steadily increasing since the launch of the pilot program.  Grain bags have been the main plastic collected under the pilot program.  Following some awareness initiatives and partnering with numerous local 4-H groups across the province through a fundraising effort the collection of twine has significantly increased.

PCAB had been working with the Saskatchewan Agricultural Stewardship Council (SASC) on the advisory committee providing input on their collection and recycling experiences.  It is hoped that with the involvement of industry there will be a province wide program developed that will see the pilot program expanded upon to service producers province wide..

Grain Bag Recycling Project Launched

On March 24, 2011 the federal and provincial governments along with PCAB announced a new Recycling Pilot Project to help Saskatchewan producers recycle grain bags and twine. Grain bags are increasingly becoming a popular method of grain storage for Saskatchewan producers; however disposal is posing to be a problem. This pilot will address this challenge and explore solutions for producers to recycle these plastics in an environmentally friendly manner.

This one year initiative will involve six locations (Prince Albert, Kelvington, Estevan Area, Abbey, Unity, and Viscount) throughout the province where collection will take place. PCAB anticipates administering this pilot through the use of the local ADD Boards. In addition, PCAB will be working with the Moose Jaw River Watershed Stewards and incorporating their two collection sites (Moose Jaw and Milestone) into the pilot project.  Grain bag rollers have been designed to assist in the rolling of these bags in a compact manner that is suitable for shipping. These rollers have been purchased and will be provided to each location with the intentions that producers will be able to borrow the roller so that they may roll their bags to be transported to the collection sites. Following this, further transportation will then be coordinated to the recycling depot. The collection and shipment of twine is anticipated to be done in a similar manner where producers will be provided with collection bags which will be deposited once full at collection sites and then transported for recycling.

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