List of BMP’s

The following are a list of BMP categories for the Saskatchewan Species at Risk Farm Program.  This is a complete, but not exhaustive list of BMP categories that the SAR Stewardship Program will consider funding.  A more comprehensive list of specific BMP’s for each one of the target species are included in the Saskatchewan Species at Risk Farm Program Workbook that is available to producers who attend the workshops.

  • Native Prairie Restoration and Conservation - Check out this new tool on forage selection -   It is interactive and allows you to select the grasses and recommends what would grow best for the conditions you have on your farm.
  • Grazing Management
  • Woody Species Control Management
  • Invasive Species Control Management
  • Prescribed Fire Management
  • Riparian Area Management
  • Forage Harvesting Management
  • Cropping Management
  • Predator Management
  • Insecticide/Pesticide/Rodentcide Management
  • Water Developments
  • Road and other Linear Developments
  • Management of Burrowing Mammals