Membership Information

Simply Agriculture Solutions Inc. is a grassroots agricultural organization that has evolved from The Provincial Council of Agriculture, Development and Diversification ADD Boards for Saskatchewan Inc. (PCAB). It is important to remember that the mission of Simply Ag Solutions hasn’t strayed from the grassroots purpose of PCAB, but the organization must evolve to better fulfill its purpose for the agricultural producers and community that Simply Ag strives to serve and represent.


‘To advance and promote the Saskatchewan agriculture industry by providing education, beneficial programming and opportunities for producers via positive partnerships and collaborations.’


SIMPLY AG SOLUTIONS INC. performs an integral role in developing a vital and successful, internationally recognized Saskatchewan agricultural industry.

Reasons for Change

You may have been aware that in order to be involved in the governance of PCAB, one would need to be appointed by their RM Council to sit on ADD committee, then in turn be chosen to serve on District ADD boards (multiple RM’s) from there, representatives would be sent to Regional ADD Councils which chose representatives to sit on the Provincial Council.

This system has not been functioning well in recent years and PCAB decided to make pivotal changes. The ADD system will remain as-is, due to an antiquated Order in Council, while PCAB, incorporated on its own, is able to make changes to its direct membership. PCAB was never intended to manage the ADD system and was not formed under the Order in Council. Therefore, as of April 1, 2014 such changes are in effect.

The most obvious change is the name; now to be known as Simply Agriculture Solutions Inc.

The eligibility for membership to the ‘new ‘organization will be expanded beyond the 6 Regional ADD Councils and will enable individual producers, industry representatives and other agriculturally relevant people or organizations to become members of Simply Agriculture Solutions to help shape the future of agriculture programming in Saskatchewan.

Corporations may also purchase memberships with distinct benefits.

Elections for Board of Directors take place at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) schedule for July of each year.

Individual and Corporate membership benefits are outlined below.

Individual Membership

$50.00 Annual Membership fee with the following benefits:

One vote on resolutions presented at the AGM
One vote for zone representation/opportunity to stand for Zone Representative on Board of Directors
First opportunity to attend Simply Ag hosted events/workshops with limited space
First opportunity to participate in pilot/research projects managed by Simply Ag
Discounted rates for Simply Ag hosted events
Subscription to bi-annual newsletter

Commercial Membership

$500.00 Annual Membership fee with the following benefits:

One vote on resolutions presented at the AGM
One vote for zone representation on Board of Directors
First opportunity to sponsor Simply Ag hosted events/workshops
First opportunity to sponsor (or participate where applicable) in pilot/research projects managed by Simply Ag
Advertising space in bi-annual newsletter and website
Opportunity to place editorial content in bi-annual newsletter
Subscription to bi- annual newsletter
Indirect access to Simply Ag extensive database of agricultural clients ( private information is not shared with commercial members)

ALL memberships come with the opportunity to be involved with the direction of a modern organization with intentions of promoting the agriculture industry and developing programs with partners to benefit all types and sizes of Saskatchewan farms.

For more information about Simply Ag’s current projects or to purchase memberships please contact our office at 1-866-298-7222 or email