Species at Risk

Simply Ag Solutions is excited to announce their latest program - The Saskatchewan Species at Risk Farm Program


The goal of this program is to:Short-eared Owl_tracy Miller

  • to work with agricultural producers across the province to protect and enhance species at risk and their critical habitats.
  • to increase awareness to Saskatchewan Species at Risk and what we can do to ensure these species continue to survive and thrive in their critical habitats
  • to enable producers to voluntarily and confidentially develop a Species at Risk Farm Action Plan (SARFAP) and then participate in opportunities to access funding through the Species at Risk Stewardship Program to protect and enhance habitat for species at risk.

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This project has two main purposes: 

1) To assist landowners in the implementation of conservation measures for species at risk. 

2) To protect species at risk and their critical habitat on agricultural lands.




Simply Ag Solutions will be offering workshops for landowners to assist them in completing the Species at Risk Farm Action Plans (similar to the Environmental Farm Plans). Completion of the plans during the workshops are voluntary and all information remains confidential

Simply Ag Solutions will work with landowners throughout the application process and to help implement the BMP stewardship projects.

What is a Species at Risk?

Species at Risk is a general term for a plant or animal species with a low or declining population that is at risk of disappearing, or which is sensitive to human disturbance or natural events.  These species need special management and protection.  In Saskatchewan a species at risk can fall under one of these categories – Extinct, Extirpated (species that no longer exists in the wild in SK but does occur elsewhere), Endangered, Threatened or of Special Concern.

The Saskatchewan Species at Risk Farm Program Process

The following species are the main focus of The Saskatchewan Species at Risk Farm Program:

  • Burrowing Owl - Endangered
  • Long-Billed Curler - Special Concern
  • Chestnut- Collared Longspur - Threatened
  • Piping Plover - Endangered
  • Common Nighthawk - Threatened
  • Barn Swallow - Threatened
  • Ferruginous Hawk - Threatened
  • Baird's Sparrow - Special Concern
  • Greater Sage Grouse - Endangered
  • Little Brown Myotis (Bat) - Endangered
  • Loggerhead Shrike - Endangered
  • Swift Fox - Threatened
  • McCown's Longspur - Threatened
  • Monarch Butterfly - Special Concern
  • Short-Eared Owl - Special Concern
  • Northern Leopard Frog - Special Concern
  • Sprague's Pipit - Threatened

Why Would I Want To Participate?

You will gain an understanding of what species at risk are, what habitats they require and why thCCLO - NS - with photo credey are a valuable asset to your farm. You will be   provided with information to help assess suitable habitat and potential species at risk and learn about BMPs to ensure these species continue to survive and thrive on your farm.

Added Benefits include:

  • Maintain prairie biodiversity - plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, micro-organisms and amphibians all contribute to a healthy functioning ecosystem.
  • Help with pest control. Many species at risk consume large quantities of mosquitoes and grasshoppers.
  • Successful applicants will receive 100% of funds to cover project costs via a Stewardship Program.


How Do I Become Involved?

Attend a free workshop where you will be provided with a Saskatchewan Species at Risk Farm Program workbook, aerial images of your farm/ranch and an opportunity to complete a farm self-assessment and action plan.  Your Action Plan will include Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) implementation.  All information will remain confidential.

Contact Travis Quirk - Saskatchewan Species at Risk Farm Program Coordinator for upcoming workshops in your area OR to set-up a workshop in your area.

For more information on The Saskatchewan Species at Risk Farm Program please contact:

Travis Quirk
Saskatchewan Species At Risk Farm Program Coordinator
306-955-5477 ext 204 OR travis@simplyag.ca