Upcoming Workshops

The following workshops are being held:


Please keep checking our website to find out when the Shaunavon Workshop will be rescheduled.



Please keep checking our website to find out when the Rockglen Workshop will be rescheduled.


We are happy announce to that we have completed the Pilot Workshop Phase of the Saskatchewan Species at Risk Farm Program.  The workshops proved to be extremely successful with 43 producers attending 7 workshops which were held in Saskatoon, Swift Current (2), Regina, Prud'homme and Meadow Lake.  

We are now moving on to the Mainstream Workshop Phase of the program.  We will be looking for producers who are interested in learning about Species at Risk in their specific area of the province and throughout Saskatchewan.  These workshops provide details on identification techniques, how to determine which SAR habitat you have on your farm and ranch and how you can manage for SAR while benefiting your farm or ranch operation.  You will have the opportunity to complete a farm/ranch assessment where you will identify the different habitat types on your farm or ranch and work through an action plan where you will work through some species specific BMPs.

Some comments from participants that attended the Pilot Workshops include:

  • 'This workshop was great - I will go home looking at my farm in a whole new way! I will now look at it and ask - what habitat am I providing for these species?'
  • 'For producers who do not or have not identified a species at risk on their farm, attending this workshop seems to be a great way for landowners/managers, to provide the potential habitat necessary for a species.'

When these producers were asked "Do you feel this is an important accreditation for producers to attain?"

  • 'Yes - I think it fits right in with attaining our social licence.'
  • 'Yes - important - more producers are becoming aware of the environment and that all living things have value and importance.'
  • 'Yes - it is important for Canadian producers to operate in a sustainable manner that takes the environment and wildlife into consideration.'